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Best Koi Fish For Your First Pond

Best Koi Fish For Your First Pond

You have just finished constructing your koi pond, and at long last you are ready to purchase koi fish. Congratulations! But which type of koi is the best koi fish for a new koi parent? There are two major factors to consider when deciding on the best koi fish for your new pond. The first is price, all new koi parents are bound to make some mistakes and sadly that means some fish will be lost so starting with low priced fish is a good idea. The second thing to consider is resilience, when mistakes are made a resilient koi fish is more likely to survive than a delicate one. To help make this decision easier we have put together a list of some of the best koi fish for your first pond that are both cheap and resilient. 

 1: Pet Store Purchased

These koi fish get the first spot because they are sold at low prices and have an average level of resilience. These koi fish have the added benefit of coming in every color and pattern you can imagine, so you you will definitely find a few you love. Pet Store koi also have the added bonus of being just down the street so you can add them to your family today!

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2: Ghost Koi Fish

Ghost koi are the best koi fish for beginners if you don't mind paying a bit more for a koi sure to stand the test of time. While Ghost koi cost more than koi from a pet store they are not high priced, and because they are a cross breed of koi with carp they are extremely resilient. Ghost koi are less likely to contract diseases and have even been called bullet proof by breeders. An added perk of choosing Ghost Koi to populate your pond is that they grow very quickly.

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3: Kohaku Koi Fish

The Kohaku koi is one of the most popular koi fish types for a good reason. These beautiful koi are more expensive than Ghost koi, but are also more easily located. They are also known for being easy to care for and being fairly resilient if not as resilient as Ghost koi are. The Kohaku Koi is the best koi fish for your first pond if you are looking for an iconic koi to star in your pond.


4: Butterfly Koi Fish

Butterfly koi fish have become very well know for their gracefully flowing fins, but few know that they are also said to be more resilient than their straight finned counterparts. Butterfly koi come in many colors and patterns, so you can pick the perfect match for your pond but it comes at a price. Butterfly koi can be more expensive than straight finned koi fish.


Common pet store koi, Ghost koi, Kohaku koi, and Butterfly koi are some of the best koi fish for your first koi pond. Every new koi parent has to learn as they go along and with these koi you will be able to make it through with minimal stress. If you want to learn more about the mistakes we have made and what we learned from them check out our survive and thrive guide!


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